There’s a rash of recent “Drug Detox Centers” showing up all over the country. They sometimes promote their services by promising detoxification whenever you catch some z’s, or, painless detox, or, “Three Day Detox!”

Okay, I understand someone wanting to avoid your pain of withdrawal from powerful drugs. There may be a reason why addicts go for great lengths to escape the agony of withdrawal symptoms. I have been there. But we need to put a name on what is being accomplished.

Detox? Detoxification of…what? Not your system, that’s for sure. It involves longer than a few days to rid only the blood stream of harmful toxic residues of drugs. Then the fatty tissues and areas of the body with very low circulation take for much longer, sometimes years to completely be cleansed.

And then what? After along with these three and even five day detoxification plans the addict returns home or wherever, to resume his or her life with very little if any change less hassle about drugs. Also they are lacking any new skills with which to treat their addiction.

It may be quite an accomplishment for the addict to bring no drugs for four or five days. Yet in the larger picture, nothing has really changed.

Real Detoxification

Real detoxification must address the build up of toxic drug residues and also drugs themselves that have lived buried deep in the tissues no matter the addicted person’s body.

Real Rehabilitation

When there will be eliminate toxic residues left in the body, the addict is now truly detoxed. Then it is time for real rehabilitation to begin.

Skills which are missing, abilities to contend with life drug-freemust be taught by the middle and absorbed, understood and practiced by the recovering drug addict.

This takes a little time and patience on that part of the addict and the facility. Important lessons are bring learned on many subjects. And then, practice make perfect. Through counselors, staff and fellow recovering addicts, these abilities are honed.

Only after complete detox AND real rehabilitation could have been successfully completed can an individual be regarded finished with treatment and ready to exit and start to rebuild their life.

Alcohol abuse and drug addiction could cause excruciating pain not just in the human body but also within the mind. So, seek help now at New Hope Recovery, a center to find healing and peace.So, if you know somebody who needs help, or if you need further instruction, call us at (480) 331-6931.